Best of kids
Best of business partners

It’s about so much more
than just numbers and profit
It’s about you as an
apprentice and trainee
It’s about your
professional future
It’s about people
value creation and fun

What we want


▸ Internal and external success go hand-in-hand. We believe in life success, inside out, sustainable, meaningful and value oriented. And because we know no one can go it alone, we are here to lend you a hand and help you get started.

▸ We want to motivate, mentor, empower and qualify young people in a holistic way by connecting them with smart, successful employers. Committed employers with a passion for giving deserving young people a hand– because we all know: “it’s hard to pull yourself up if there’s nothing to hold on to.” And all of us believe no one should kick the ladder away once they’ve made it up.    

What we support

▸ We don’t want another „Generation Burn-Out.“ We want to help create and contribute to a „Generation Balance“ –a smart, new way of working and achieving goals: valuable, realistic and enjoyable.

▸ We want to support and promote worthy, determined kids. Kids who get it. Kids who already have it – latently. So, if you are passionate and committed to giving this project your full attention and all your energy, we will reinforce and facilitate your „It-Factor.“ „Sloppy isn’t good enough and half-hearted doesn’t work.“ This is not about perfection but heading full throttle in the right direction.

Where we help

▸ We also want to support those, who have either arrived empty-handed but big-hearted as unaccompanied, under-age refugees or whose parents simply didn‘t or don’t have the resources to truly provide for and promote their „It-Factor“ children. Maybe some parents or schools don’t even know what „it“ is, but we do and we know it when we see it. So show us in a very short video who and how you are.

What we believe in

▸ If you really want to go from zero to hero, we are really here to help you get there. Because we believe in YOU. If you can fully commit yourself to this project, „Best of Kids“ is a great option. It’s not a free ride, but if you give your best and truly care, then get on board and we’ll get you there. You don’t have to go it alone. But you do have to bring your own drive, verve and passion to show up, to show and share your „It-Factor.“

“I like combining pre-existing structures and companies with modern media and new methods. I want the small- and mid-sized businesses to be connected and capitalize on these synergies.
My values: sustainability, self-realization and transparency.”
— Thomas@ Initiator 'Hallertauer Aktiv'
Best of kids – Who we are

Our business partners qualify the kids according to their skilled crafts and trades or their field, and we support and accompany our kids‘personal development – as an individual, as an honest and fair team player, as an upstanding person – because people with integrity know „if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything“ – and they also know: „there’s no right way to do the wrong thing.“

“I like empowering people with inventive multi-media productions, events, workshops & coaching. My values: honesty, integrity & justice.
My motto is ‚I love my job' ”
— Jeanine@ Creative Director 'The Modern School of Life'

Momentum – Who you are and where are you going?

You are welcome to join our team and apply if:

▸ … you are between 14 and 18 years old and attending middle school, vocational training, high school or college prep school (Realschule, Hauptschule, Berufsschule or Gymnasium)

▸… you are motivated and willing to give your all to make something out of your life.

▸ … you want to have a job that you like and are willing to go the extra mile – you've got to give something to get something.

▸… you have already learned how important it is to have people and mentors who recognize your talent and really want to support you… those who only have your best interests at heart

▸ … you have good or maybe even not such great grades, maybe only so-so grades - but what really matters is drive, passion, dreams, being willing to take chances and having the will and energy to work on yourself and grow as a person.

▸… you understand that social media might seem cool, but in the long run it’s actually boring if you don’t have anything of your own to offer.

▸ … you’re not really sure what we mean when we talk about attitude, ethics, integrity and honesty and your own ability to stand up for yourself and your team...but as an „It-Factor-Kid,“ you are open and brave enough to want to find out more about it, to think about it and look at it as a new adventure because you never know where that might lead to.


"Generation Y - narcissistic, self-interested, unfocused, lazy, ...?"

Simon Sinek on ´Millennials in the Workplace´


Who our busines partners are

We invite you:



▸ Our busines partners are open-minded people and employers who see the big picture and build their companies in a sustainable, value-oriented and holistic way.



▸ They are looking for someone like you and creating a good partnership with you as an apprentice.



▸ They are part of a new generation of managers who stand by what they say and understand that learning is a two way street: you can both learn something and benefit from each other.

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Take the challenge! We dare you:
We want kids who say: 'I’m scared shitless, but I’m going to do it anyway!'


Application: make a short video clip and tell your true story—show what makes you an It-Factor-Kid (2 to max. 3 minutes).


Don’t hide, show up! What would you want us to know about you if we were to really know you?


It is not about being perfect or popular - we really want to get to know the real YOU without all the trappings. We want to know if you have the courage to show up, show your true self. It’s okay to be scared because that is what we are looking for:

Kids who think „I am so f*cking scared, but let's go for it..."

How to apply

Come to our casting:

  • Step 1

    We choose the „True Story“- Video Clips.

  • Step 2

    Casting & Interviews with the selected kids and a special jury – business people, coaches and a celebrity.

  • Step 3

    Final & open choice of the 10 Best True Kids.

  • Step 4

    Event with the selected kids and business people.

  • Step 5

    Holistic training program starts! The whole person with our whole hearts and minds for the whole thing! Half-assed was never an option.


This is about humanity, values & fun



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